Material :

* Green and red carboard
* Transparent green paper
* Golden stars
* Golden felt tip pen
* Scissors
* Glue

* Pattern to print


Material :

* White and black cardboard
* Brown, orange and black paper
* Transparent white paper
* 3 wooden skewers
* Cotten
* Golden thread
* Scissors
* Glue
* Puncher

* Patterns to print : 1, 2

  1. Cut the row and doubling of transparent paper
  2. Garnish with golden stars.
  3. Trim packages and draw with the felt strips golden
  4. Marked lightly folds, bend the strip and glue the final tab inside.
  1. Cut the row of snowmen and double their bellies with transparent paper. Glue the hat twice.
  2. Cut out eyes and buttons with a puncher. Cut the nose and glue together.
  3. For the brushes, scoring several times the brown paper tape, coat the bottom edge of glue and wrap it around a wooden skewer. Fix with golden string.
  4. Before folding the row of snowmen, lightly mark the folds with scissors, then close the triangle.
  5. Now glue the parts of folded arms. Glue brushes inside corners.
  6. Glue a few cotton balls on the bottom edge of the candle.