Material :

- Canson drawing paper : orange, red or brown
- Canson drawing paper : green
- Canson drawing paper : white
- Felt : orange, green and brown
- puncher
- pinking shears
- scissors
- glue

- Pattern to print


Preparation :


1. Reindeer :

Trace off the drawing of the pattern on the Canson drawing paper. Use the corresponding color for each part.Cut the reindeer's parts and assemble them in the same way of the picture. Cut a heart and paste it, to do a nose.

2. Box :

Cut the box with the pinking shears. Fold the box along the doted line and paste it with glue.

3. Assembly :

Paste the reindeer on a side of the box. Cut a plain-dealing in green felt with the pinking shears. Put it in the box. Paste decorations on the other sides of the box.