Material :

- wood box 15 cm/6inches diameter (= cheese box)
- 21 x 50 cm/ 8 x 20 inches rainbow paper
- white, brown, red, blue and back Canson drawing paper
- a sheet of aluminum foil
- metal pompom
- black felt tip pen
- metal handle
- scissors
- glue

- Pattern to print


Preparation :


1. Glue around the inside of the bottom of the box. Place the transparent paper rainbow sky vertically in the box against the edge and push it along the bottom. Glue the two side edges of the paper, overlapping them. Glue the lid of the cheese box at the top of the lantern.

2. Trace off all parties following the pattern's dotted line, on the corresponding color Canson drawing paper. Cut, and paste the jagged edges as illustrated.

2. Make small balls of aluminum foil and stick them around the jagged edges. Tear strips of aluminum foil and stick them in the shape of stars on the lantern. Paste the pupils on the eyes. Draw facial features with felt tip pen. Glue the hat, beard, nose and hair. Glue the metal handle on top of the hat. Glue the head of the magician on the lantern.

3. To make legs, cut 4 strips of 35 x 2.5 cm (14 x 1 inches) in Canson drawing paper and fold in accordion. (see illustration). For that, stick 2 strips at right angles and fold them accordion alternating them. After the last trick, stick the other end of the 2 bands together. Stick a foot at one end and stick the other end to the lantern. Drill a hole on each side at the top of the lantern and attach the wire loop. Place a flashlight in the lantern to illuminate.