Material :

- cardboard
- white and blue wool
- white and red Canson drawing paper
- black felt tip pen
- red felt tip pen
- embroidery needle
- scissors
- glue
- Pattern to print


Preparation :

1. Trace off the drawing of the pattern : Trace two times the rings on the coardboard and the heads on the white Canson drawing paper. Trace the muzzles on the red Chanson drawing paper. Cut the different parts.

2. Put the two rings on top of each other, and attach the wool to the rings. Thread the wool in the embroidery needle, and wrap the rings with wool, until the whole cardboard is recovered.

3. Insert the scissors between the two rings, and cut the wool. Insert a wool thread at the center of the rings, in order to keep the other wool threads together. It becomes a wool pompon. Don't cut this wool thread, because it will be used to suspend the polar bears.

3 bis. If you want to make a multicoloured polar bear, alternate the white wool and the blue wool, or wrap the rings with the two different wool theards.

4. Pull out the rings. Paste a muzzle on each head. Draw the eyes and other details with a black felt tip pen. Use a red felt tip pen to make the cheeks.

5. Put the wool pompon under the bear's head, in fixing the suspending theard in the back of the polar bear's head. Then, fix the two heads together with glue.