Material :

- For figures : red and pale pink paper
- For the boots : blue, green, yellow, orange, purple paper
- Strands of coarse wool of different colors (green, white, blue, purple for example) by 24 cm / 9 inches long.
- Cotton
- Black felt tip pen
- Stapler
- Glue
- Pattern to print


Preparation :

- On the red paper, draw one after the other 6 rectangles 10.5 cm x 17 cm (4 x 7 inches) to form a strip of 63 cm x 17 cm (25 x 7 inches) (see pattern n° 1). Cut and fold in accordion.
- Reproduce pattern n° 2 on the top of the fold.
- Cut the edges by taking the 6 layers. Do not forget to remove with cutter, the rectangle located between the 2 feet. Unfold.

Santas :

- On the pink paper, draw 6 times the face in exact size (n°. 3). Paste each face on top of the silhouettes.
- With black felt tip pen, draw eyes, nose and mouth.
- The whiskers are made with small pieces of cotton wool, pinched in the middle with a little twist (n° 4) The paste in the center above the mouth (n° 5).
- The barbs are also cotton wool. Fix them with glue dot in the mouth (n° 5).
- In the cuffs, glue a small vertical strip of cotton wool (n° 5).
- Tie a strand of yarn around the size of each Santa.


- Cut 6 paper hoods according to the model given exact size (n° 6).
- Give them a conical shape by fixing the edges with a few spots of glue or staples 2 (n° 7).
- Stick a bag in the back of each Santa.


- Cut 6 holders in the red paper. These are rectangles of 4.5 cm x 4 cm (2 x 1 inche) folded in the lengthwise (n° 8).
- Perpendicular to the fold, make a slit of 1.5 cm (1inche) (n° 8).
- Place a rack at the base of each Santa (n° 9).