Jewel Christmas  


Christmas Crunch


Click on 2 or more ornaments to crunch them. Crunching multiple ornaments gives big points !
Coloring pages
Free printable coloring book pages for kids
Snake Game
Use keyboard to move the Snake without touching your tail.
Matching Pairs
In this game you must pick out 2 same identical images by mouse left clicking. Game is end when you match all the flips.
More or Less
Guess the number the computer has randomly chosen.
Memory Game
Memorize sequence of lights.
Santa's Gift Jump
It's Christmas Eve and Santa went skating on the frozen lake near his house. Just for a few minutes before he has to fly in his sleigh ... (Clic to jump - double click to high jump)
Trim The Tree
Decorate your own online Christmas tree by using your mouse to place ornaments, lights and more on your tree.
Santa's Ride

- Clic to move Santa up
- Space Bar to drop the gift

Santa Snowboard
It's a few weeks before Christmas ans Santa's using some of his "down time" to chill out on his Snowboard. Help him jump the snowy Christmas objects by using your space bar. Collect the special bonuses as he goes along to do his special Santa Tail Grab ! (Jump : space - Tail Grab : Up arrow)
Christmas mini room escape
Christmas is coming soon, but somehow you are in a locked gray lab-like room. Let's escape from this room!
Christmas room escape 2
Christmas is coming soon, but somehow you are in a locked gray lab-like room. Let's escape from this room!
Create a Snowman
Click and drag each item into the desired position to create your own snowman !
Slingshot Santa
Throw Santa over a ravine as far as you can. He should reach the Deer standing at the 335 meter mark
Rudolf's Revenge  
Left click to make Rudolf hit Santa. Pay attention ! Rudolf's thoughts are very important. Left click while Santa is flying, in order to activate the elves in the trees. Fly as high as possible and pick up as many presents as you can.
Santa's Chimney Trouble
It's Christmas time and Santa is about to bring presents but oh gosh ! Your fireplace is fake and is not connected to the chimney ! You must fix it before it's too late.
Present Pileup
Oh no ! The elves are goofing off in Santa's workshop again ... and the presents keep piling up ! Help Santa prepare for Christmas Eve by stuffing those presents !
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  Christmas Quiz
Test your knowledge of Christmas history by taking this fun quiz.